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Damp Proofing in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead
and the Surrounding Areas

Does your property suffer from rising or penetrating damp? Although it may go unnoticed at first, dampness can cause structural issues and even lead to health problems when unresolved. This is why it’s vital to improve conditions as quickly as possible. At DPS Tyneside Ltd, we perform damp proofing services that protect homes and rental accommodation across Newcastle, Gateshead and the surrounding regions – keeping them dry and liveable for daily use.

Although damp-proof courses are a staple in the UK, it’s not uncommon for homes to suffer from water ingress issues. Whether you see discoloured patches or notice a musty smell in the house, please contact us for a damp report and quotation for the works needed. You’re under no obligation to use our team, but if you do, we’ll deliver the perfect treatment at a cost-effective rate.

We provide additional peace of mind through a 10-year guarantee and insurance policy, which comes mortgage approved. This naturally serves as a weight off your shoulders, with workmanship that prevents and maintains for extended periods.


Damp Proofing | Long-Term Protection for a Healthier Living Space

Using high-quality DPC chemicals and K11 tanking systems, we treat dampness that may damage the plasterwork and lead to wet or dry rot. This means you won’t have to spend time and money redecorating or resolving structural problems after years of water damage.

Does Your Property Suffer From Damp?

As with most problems in the home, it can take time for damp to make itself known. You’ll eventually spot mould or mildew along the walls, see discolouration or have problems with the wallpaper. Excessive condensation could also occur, and the entire room may become filled with a musty scent. You might even notice rot in your skirting boards or flaking plaster. If any of these sound familiar, then it’s time to call a damp proofing specialist with a reputation in your local area.

Penetrating and Rising Damp

Penetrating damp happens when moisture enters through the brickwork. It can impact the ceilings and walls and often occurs because of structural defects. Rising damp, however, comes from ground-based water travelling upwards into your property through a process known as capillary action. When trying to evaporate, the water instead makes its way through your bricks – potentially reaching over a metre in height.

Call DPS Tyneside Ltd for Damp Proofing

To treat rising or penetrating dampness inside your Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead or Northumberland home, you need a team that can diagnose the problem without guesswork. Once the cause is identified, we prepare the walls for treatment, ensuring all nearby surfaces are protected. Our damp proofing team then creates a waterproof barrier by injecting DPC chemicals – sealing the damp-proof course for a dry environment. Our tanking systems fight back against penetrating damp too, giving your property a permanent solution that’s quick to apply and hugely cost-effective.

No matter the extent of the dampness, the DPS team is on hand to provide the perfect fix. As Sovereign-approved installers, we operate to a superior standard to deliver the damp-proofing service you deserve.

Please call the reliable team at DPS Tyneside Ltd on 07772 444290 for damp proofing treatments in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and beyond.