DPS Tyneside Ltd

Dry and Wet Rot Treatment in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead
and the Neighbouring Areas

Despite being fairly common due to damp conditions, wet rot often goes unnoticed. As you might expect, this can cause further issues as time goes on and even impact the building’s structural integrity. Dry rot is even more feared because of its aggressive nature and reputation for causing large-scale damage. Serving Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and the surrounding locations, our team quickly diagnoses the problem before providing dry and wet rot treatments in line with your property’s needs.

Dry rot occurs when a particular fungus known as Serpula lacrymans starts to feed on the woodwork. Your timbers will soon become brittle and dry, suffering cracks that could collapse the wood altogether. On the other hand, wet rot requires high moisture levels to thrive and can’t spread without it.

The sooner we can diagnose and treat the afflicted area, the more you reduce the spread of the rot. Please call today for dry and wet rot treatments, woodworm treatment or a first-class damp proofing service.

Unlike some treatment companies, we offer the benefit of a mortgage-approved guarantee and insurance policy that lasts for 10 years. For this reason, you’ll never have to worry about our works meeting anything but the finest standards.


Fast-Acting Dry and Wet Rot Treatment for Visible Results

We use Sovereign chemicals that eliminate rot from timbers and masonry. These systems penetrate deeper than more conventional products and are simple to apply. Our team performs a dry or wet rot survey to identify the type of rot affecting your property, and comes up with a bespoke treatment plan to resolve the problem in great time.

The Causes of Wet and Dry Rot

Dry rot typically happens because of poor ventilation and high humidity levels – the ideal environment for fungal growth. Spores will settle on the timbers and feed on the wood, growing more problematic as time goes on. Affected wood will appear darker in colour, break apart easily and may feature red-coloured dust. You might also see grey strands that look similar to spider silk or fungal masses that spread spores around the property.

Wet rot often develops in wetter areas that prove hard to see. As such, we may need to apply wet rot treatments behind skirting boards, underneath floorboards or in your loft or basement. Unlike its dry counterpart, wet rot stems from water flow and will likely stop growing once the leak is resolved.

An Efficient Treatment Service

At DPS Tyneside Ltd, we aim to take the stress out of dry and wet rot treatments in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and the nearby regions. Our team will inspect the area for hidden leaks that contribute towards wet rot, ensuring the surrounding surfaces receive the proper treatment. We strip out rotten timbers and replace them with treated installations, so you’ll never need to worry about wet rot in your property again.

You can expect us to provide a reliable fungicidal treatment to the timbers and masonry. In turn, your property will remain secured from spores in the years to come.

Our treatments create a firm and dependable barrier against fungal growth. For extra peace of mind, we supply decade-long guarantees, which come mortgage approved for a risk-free service.

Please call 07772 444290 for dry and wet rot treatment services in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and the neighbouring areas.