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Wet Rot Treatment in Gateshead
Does Your Home Need Damp Proofing, Wall Ties or Woodworm Treatment?

Every home needs some degree of maintenance, but this depends on the age of the building and the materials used. Older homes without a damp-proof course will be more prone to mould growth and wet rot, but recent installations can also experience issues. Wall ties from the 1980s may corrode and leave your cavity walls in a state of disrepair. A leak could cause wet rot or encourage boring insects. In turn, you’ll need woodworm treatments and damp proofing to keep your home in Gateshead fully maintained.

Find out when you might need wet rot treatments, external rendering and other remedial measures for your property. Looking for these issues now can save you money later on.

Mould and Dark Patches

Check the walls for discolouration. If you see black spots or mould in the home, you likely have either rising or penetrating damp. Rising damp occurs from ground level and extends upwards, while penetrating damp can reach higher due to porous brickwork. If you choose to ignore these changes, it will only allow the patches to grow larger – meaning a more expensive fix at a later date.

Any property in the Gateshead area needing damp proofing, woodworm treatment, external rendering or new wall ties will likely prove a difficult sell. For this reason, it’s always worth calling a team like DPS Tyneside Ltd for an inspection.

Brittle Timbers and Fungal Growth

Dry and wet rot can affect your property at any time but most often arise because of damp living conditions. Dry rot differs from wet rot in that it continues to spread even without a water source. Both wet and dry rot can spell disaster for wooden framing and other timber structures, causing you to need new woodwork and the right treatments to stop further spread.

Dry and wet rot treatment services will strip out the rotten wood and protect the surrounding area. As with damp proofing and woodworm treatment, the sooner you diagnose the problem, the less work typically involved.

Cavity Wall Issues

What was once acceptable under British Standards has since become outdated, causing cavity walls in Gateshead and the neighbouring areas to fail. Search for cracks along the mortar joints or a bowed appearance. Any structural problems demand immediate care, but it’s worth considering how wall ties play a role.

Now made from stainless steel, remedial ties from Twistfix can resolve issues before the structure falls. Much like today’s external rendering, the latest innovations only improve the safety of your home in the long run.

Holes and Bore Dust

When certain beetles enter your home, they produce larvae that play havoc with the wood. As they move and chew through the wood, they create dust known as frass. You will also see numerous small holes on the surface. Woodworm treatments kill off these insects as well as their eggs and larvae, and typically include stripping out wooden installations too rotten to keep.

If any of the above issues apply to your home in or around Gateshead, choose DPS Tyneside Ltd for damp proofing and more. We provide wet rot treatments, remove all signs of woodworm, install remedial wall ties, and can give your home a new lease of life with external rendering.

For damp proofing and reliable wet rot treatments in the Gateshead area, call 07772 444290 and speak with the team at DPS Tyneside Ltd.