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Lime Plastering in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for an interior wall finish suitable for your historic property? If so, lime plaster could be the perfect solution. DPS Tyneside Ltd undertakes lime plastering using traditional, hand-applied methods. While we often use this mortar inside period and heritage properties in the Newcastle Upon Tyne or Gateshead areas we cover, it is also suitable for newer buildings. Offering benefits such as breathability, flexibility and an attractive finish, more people are opting for lime plaster over modern gypsum-based plasters.

If your house was built before 1919, it is likely to have lime plaster on the interior walls. To identify lime plaster, check for an off-white colour and the presence of sand and/or hair. If you are unsure, you can always call our experts for an assessment.

At DPS Tyneside, our rendering and lime plastering experts have the traditional skills necessary to deliver a high-standard finish. Please read our testimonials to see what our previous customers have to say about our service.

What is Lime Plaster?

Lime plaster is a traditional type of mortar. It is used to cover internal walls and ceilings before painting. The mixture consists of lime, sand and water, and sometimes fibres such as animal hair. Fibres add strength to the mix and ensure a good bond.


Benefits of Lime Plaster

Lime plastering can be a difficult process and requires skilled hands. Proper application ensures an attractive, hard-wearing finish which offers all the benefits associated with lime plaster.

The following are the key benefits of lime plaster:

  • It is a breathable material, meaning it prevents damp issues

  • Lime plaster does not crack as easily as other materials

  • It helps improve insulation within the property

  • The material can absorb moisture from the air and release it when the air is dry, providing natural humidity control

  • The particles in lime plaster are much smaller than those in other plasters. This allows it to penetrate deep into tiny gaps, forming a strong, long-lasting bond

  • Lime plaster requires less energy to produce and lime can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Professional Lime Plastering

DPS Tyneside Ltd completes lime plastering to an exceptional standard, covering Newcastle Upon Tyne, Gateshead and the surrounding areas. If you require lime plaster for a new build, we provide a full service, applying the plaster by hand. With our experienced team, you can be sure of a quality finish which enhances your space.

Furthermore, when you choose us for lime plaster services, you receive a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

Call us on 07834 245796 for more information on lime plastering in the areas surrounding Newcastle Upon Tyne.