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Wall Ties in Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne
and the Surrounding Areas

Have your walls started to crack along the mortar joints? Here at DPS Tyneside Ltd, we specialise in fitting remedial wall ties from Twistfix – a leading supplier of building products in the UK. Our team performs cavity tie installation and brick pinning to deliver a cost-effective solution that meets British Standard EN 845-1:2013. From Newcastle upon Tyne to Gateshead and the nearby towns, we take care throughout the process and always maintain a safe environment.

Please contact our team in Killingworth for a quotation. We can replace any damaged wall ties present and provide a range of additional services, such as external rendering and internal plastering.


Wall Ties | Restoring Your Walls to a Stable Condition

Sometimes referred to as brick ties, the humble wall tie is commonly used to join the leaf of a wall to another, forming one stable unit. They’re vitally important for the strength of the building, but because they’re hidden from view, problems can develop unseen. This is where the DPS team can help. We diagnose faults through a robust inspection and deliver a meaningful fix that removes the risk of corroded ties.

The Importance of Wall Ties

Most properties built from the 1920’s include cavity walls in their design. Up until the 1980s, the industry believed that mild steel protected by a zinc coating would suffice. Unfortunately, corrosion became a widespread issue, forcing cavity walls to lose their structural connections. This is why remedial wall ties prove essential for homes where the existing ties have corroded or suffered from other defects.

We provide self-tapping ties, expansion ties and resin-fix wall ties depending on the requirements. Our team uses the correct type of tie to guarantee long-term support for your property.

The Signs of Corrosion

If your home in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead or the surrounding areas has a wall tie issue, then you’re likely to see bulging brickwork. This happens because old vertical twist ties can expand in size seven-fold, forcing the bricks to move outwards. Other symptoms include rust staining on the wall, horizontal cracks in the brickwork and even collapse in some cases.

The Trusted Choice for Wall Ties

By choosing DPS Tyneside Ltd, your property will feature remedial wall ties free from rust and corrosion. We fit stainless steel products known for their longevity and work using the proper drill bits and fixing tools. These allow us to install the ties as quickly as possible without causing undue damage.

From self-tapping helical ties to damp proofing and more, we can advise on the best way to maintain your home and provide a mortgage-approved guarantee and insurance policy that lasts for 10 years.

If you need remedial wall ties in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead or the surrounding areas, call our trusted team on 07772 444290.