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Woodworm Treatment in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the Surrounding Regions

If your floorboards, furniture and other wooden installations appear damaged, then woodworms could be to blame. Although it occurs through a type of beetle, the larvae act like worms to bore holes deep into the wood. This can lead to structural problems in timber-framed buildings if left for too long, so you’ll need an effective woodworm treatment that stops these pests in their tracks. At DPS Tyneside Ltd in Killingworth, we use reliable chemicals from Sovereign to make your property in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Gateshead or the surrounding regions a woodworm-free space.

So what is woodworm? When the common furniture beetle or woodboring weevil finds its way into a property, it will lay eggs between the wooden joints. The larvae will then chew through the wood, transform into a beetle and then bore out – before searching for yet another wooden surface where it can start the process again.

If you have woodworms or need either dry or wet rot treatment services, contact the reliable team at DPS Tyneside Ltd. We aim to give you a speedy solution and can work at weekends when needed. And for more about our professional services in your area, why not have a look at our previous works and testimonials pages?


Woodworm Treatment | Removing infestations With Professional Care

We will discuss your needs over the phone to arrange the best time for a visit to your Newcastle or Gateshead property. Once we arrive, we’ll carry out a survey to uncover the site of the infestation. This gives us a chance to assess the damage and diagnose the type of woodworm present – be it the woodboring weevil, common furniture beetle or house longhorn beetle. We check to see if it’s an active infestation, apply the ideal woodworm treatment, and look for associated issues such as dampness and wet or dry rot.

Does My Property Have Woodworms?

Woodworm can affect soft and hardwoods, wooden frames, timber floors, roof trusses and staircases alike. Look for exit holes, tunnels and cracked timbers, as well as dead beetles around the property. Frass (a sawdust-like material) develops around the holes while the larva bores through the wood and is the most common sign of an active infestation. You may notice that your floors, timbers and furniture become significantly weaker, breaking off at the edges and looking worse for wear.

Our woodworm treatments eliminate the troublesome insects from your property, whether it’s in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Gateshead or the surrounding areas.

How to Treat Woodworm

Acting quickly can save your precious furniture and reduce the need for all structural timbers. At DPS Tyneside Ltd, we use concentrated woodworm treatments for deep penetration, killing off the beetles, eggs and larvae before they cause further damage. These chemicals have a low odour and dry quickly, giving your property a strong defence against future infestations.

We cut away the most damaged wooden features and replace them with treated timbers through a reliable installation process. This eliminates all signs of woodworm, so you can go about your day without thinking about woodboring pests.

As with all services, you can expect a 10-year guarantee and insurance policy, which comes mortgage approved, for a well-protected home long into the future.

For fast-acting woodworm treatment in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the nearby regions, please call 07834 245796 to arrange a visit from a member of our team.